Fleet Tracking

Fleet tracking is about more than knowing where your vehicles are - it’s about knowing where they are in real time minute by minute It’s about monitoring and reducing fuel costs, preventing costly breakdowns, and relying on quality products you know you can trust.
Using PositionNow’s cutting edge fleet tracking system isn’t just convenient - it’s smart.

Minimize Your Costs

Our patented software monitors for driving patterns that increase fuel costs and the amount of unnecessary wear and tear your vehicles are exposed to. Reduce your overhead costs with accurate, detailed, and customizable fleet tracking.

To minimize your overhead, PositionNow Fleet Tracking provides alerts, real time tracking, and reports on:

  • Fuel Levels (both starting and current)
  • Average RPMs
  • Braking Behavior
  • Rapid Acceleration

You’ll be able to monitor idle times, locations, fuel lost on idling, and get reports on how much this is costing you.

Stay One Step Ahead of Maintenance

You can review the status of every vehicle in your fleet from anywhere with the click of a mouse. You can avoid costly breakdowns by receiving alerts on fleet battery levels and engine trouble codes in real time.

Respond to Customer Needs Immediately

See instantly which driver is closest to a particular customer, address, or within a target zone. You can even send routing instructions directly to the driver.

Easy to Use

Our interfaces are designed with intuitive usability in mind. Spend less time figuring out how to use the software, and more time reaping the benefits.

Customize to Your Business Needs

Easily customize your alerts and reports to get the most out of your fleet tracking. Mold the software around what matters most to your business.

Units Arrive Ready to Go

We do all the work on our end of making sure that when your hardware arrives, it is ready for you to install and go. The software is already installed, units are already linked to the platform, and your account is already set up.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your PositionNow fleet tracking units, send them back for a full refund.