Personal Tracking is Indispensable for Professional Care Givers

Even the most alert care givers can’t keep an eye on everything that is happening at once - and if you could, you might be robbing your patients of much needed autonomy. Use PositionNow’s state-of-the-art personal tracking to give them security and freedom.

Give Patients Peace of Mind

Build trust with the best technology available used to make sure you and families know where patients are at all times. Both patients and their families can rest easier knowing that they’re protected from getting lost or finding themselves unable to call for help when they need it.

Empower Patients to Have More Freedom

With our cutting edge personal tracking, patients are able to regain much of their independence. Patients are able to go further without supervision without fear that something could happen and nobody would know until it’s too late.

Reduce Man Hours

Spend more work hours on care giving and less on looking for patients. Know where everyone is at a glance.

Receive Immediate Alerts

Receive automatic alerts if patients leave the premises when it might be dangerous for them to do so with geofence capabilities.

Panic Feature

Should your patients run into trouble, they can signal for help with the touch of a button. Staff will receive the alert immediately along with information on where exactly the patient is.

Tracking Goes Beyond GPS and Triangulation

Our comprehensive technology integrates multiple ways of locating a patient. We use GPS signals and cell tower triangulation where it’s available, but once indoors, these methods often can’t reach the device or pinpoint its exact location. Our advanced indoor tracking technology goes beyond GPS to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your patients anytime..anywhere.