Personal Tracking

Personal tracking is one of the most diverse and useful tracking systems available.

With personal tracking, you can:

  • Build trust
  • Deliver peace of mind
  • Strengthen value
  • Lower expenses
  • Save money

Whether it’s to keep mentally impaired patients safe, collect evidence, protect workers, or even for your own security, personal tracking is some of the most valuable tracking available.

Panic Feature

Should you or your employees or customers run into trouble, you can signal for help with the touch of a button, sending your distress call to a customizable routing system.

Route Tracking

Stay up-to-date on where travelers or patients are with constant data from the tracking system.

Keep Secure Records

Easy access to history of where subjects have been since tracking was activated.

Implement a Proactive Solution

Don’t wait for something catastrophic to happen. Protect yourself and those under your care today.