Private Investigation Tracking

Covert tracking is an essential part of modern detective work. Whether you’re part of law enforcement or a private investigation firm, our covert tracking saves you hundreds of man hours, and significantly reduces the risk of detection.

Collect Evidence for Child Custody and Divorce Cases

If you need evidence in a divorce or child custody case, our covert tracking systems can help you get the information you need to find out what’s really going on without having to physically follow your target, or risk detection.

Automatic Alerts

It takes a lot of man hours to pour through a person’s movements during every moment of the day whether in real time or after the fact. That’s why our sophisticated tracking system will tell you if your target’s route deviates from the normal or expected course at any time. An immediate notification will be sent via SMS and can be viewed online on your mobile device This frees up your time to focus on other projects or collect other forms of evidence.

Disturbance Notifications Keep You Informed

If the device you’ve installed is disturbed, you’ll be alerted immediately. No finding out that it was removed after your target is already long gone.

Install Easily and Discreetly

Installation is complete in less than 15 minutes and is completely hidden – ensuring that you’re able to get in and out without detection.