Protect Remote Workers

Working in a remote location carries a great deal of risk to everyone. Protect the safety of your workers with PositionNow’s personal tracking.

Get the Right Help Immediately

Workers can send an immediate call for help to show up in critical, life-threatening emergencies, or a different message for situations that require attention but are not endangering the life of your worker.

Watch for Potential Dangers

Our powerful personal tracking system allows you to track a worker’s movements up to every 5 minutes meaning that in cases where a worker may not have been able to signal for help, you can still see what’s going on and ensure their safety.

Set-Up Check in Milestones

Save time and money monitoring tracking information by having workers check in and receiving an alert if they don’t.

Keep an Open Channel of Communication

Allow workers to keep you informed with check ins, plus delayed statuses. You’ll never have to find yourself wondering what the status of a worker’s arrival is again.